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23rd February 2009

6:58pm: Cyrus, my friend who took me to my first rave, is now fighting MMA. He won his first fight, by choke hold:

22nd February 2009

6:01pm: I tried one of these at the mall:

Very bizzare, but not as horrible as I expected.

9th February 2009

8:54pm: O'Bubba
Does anyone know what the fuck Hussein is babbling about?

8th January 2009

6:40pm: Bad call lists
Haha, Fosters Daily Democrat (a local liberal media rag) just cold called me. I gave them quite an earful.

26th December 2008

11:00am: I'm 31 today!
Leave me love :)

4th December 2008

10:10pm: Music stuff...Collapse )

11th November 2008

10:06pm: From my 13 yr old stepson
A joke floating around 8th grade in my town:

Washington is on the $1 bill.

Lincoln is on the $5 bill.

Obama is on the food stamp.


7th November 2008

10:18pm: My previous post!
Holy shit, Hussein's site changed since I posted that. It says this now:

Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by setting a goal that all middle school and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year and by developing a plan so that all college students who conduct 100 hours of community service receive a universal and fully refundable tax credit ensuring that the first $4,000 of their college education is completely free.

Here is google's cache, while it's still available:
6:51pm: Hussein wants to bring back slavery
Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by developing a plan to require 50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year.

Way to pay back whitey, Black Pajamas.

5th November 2008

7:24pm: At least this happened:

From the NHGOP:

Despite running into a national headwind and large Democratic
wins at the top of the ticket in New Hampshire, we gained 17 seats in the state
legislature and held all ten of our state senate seats. We have more elected NH
Republicans today than we had going into yesterday's election.

I congratulate Hussein on an historic election in what is truly a post-racial nation. The best he can be is a 1st term Clinton, which is basically what he campaigned as. We'll see.

1st November 2008

12:37pm: Political Meme
Snagged and changed from cosinezero:

I'm voting for McCain

- Because Islam is an even bigger threat to America than communism, and Iraq is the frontline of the war against Islam.

- Because lowering taxes on corporations, in a country that has the second highest tax burden on business, is crucial to keeping America competitive in the world market.

- Because we have the right to bear arms to defend habeus corpus, freedom of speech, freedom OF religion, or to overthrow an oppressive government.

- Because I believe that America is a Christian nation, and that science and faith are one in the same, and not mutually exclusive.

- Because "global warming" is not real, just like "global cooling" wasn't real in the 70s.

- Because the Obama/Biden campaign demonstrates, clearly, that they want to continue the war against capitalism, and I really like my job.

- Because I don't give a shit about polar bears, whose numbers have increased recently anyway.

- Because Roe v. Wade is America's biggest mistake since slavery, and all Americans have a right to life, liberty, and property, including unborn children.

- Because terrorists, socialists, and liberals are very real and dangerous things, and must be stopped in any way possible.

- Because homosexuality is the nation's real health crisis.

- Because one of the foundations of our economy and way of life is energy, and we must harness that energy as much as we can on our own shores.

- Because Sarah Palin is a strong, American woman, who stands for everything right and good in this country, and is an inspiration to me, and will be an inspiration to my daughter.

- Because John McCain respects our military.

- Because strength, morality, and convictions define real intellect, not sitting in a coffee shop talking about feelings.

- Because "change" to me is making government as thin as possible, removing all of Clinton's, Carter's, and FDR's backwards policies, and making people like John Kerry, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, and Nancy Pelosi pay dearly for their treason.

- Because Ron Paul is a complete anti-American moonbat.

- Because I believe conception is the beginning of a sentient, self-aware human life.

- Because "all of the above" trumps "don't hurt the polar bears" in every way.

- Because I don't make $250,000, but the people who sign my paycheck do, and I want them to be able to keep signing it.

- Because when I do make $250,000, I don't want my tax rate to increase more than it already will.

- Because "women's rights" hasn't been an issue since the early 70s.

For these reasons and many more, I'm voting for McCain.

Signed with great conviction, djentropy

20th September 2008

9:52pm: Mark 13:13 - And ye shall be hated of all [men] for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

There was once a preacher who said, 'I enjoyed life till I became a Christian'. Being a true Christian will give you peace. This peace will be with God and with His people. But on the other side, it will put you in a position of unrest. This unrest will be firstly will be between you against your old self and you against the people of this world.

People are seeing and will see great atrocities against Christians. They will hate you for they hated Christ. During the start of the Church of Jesus Christ when the Christians were persecuted they actually grew stronger and grew in number. The time has come once again for the countries where these things are happening for the change to come. Like a woman during birth of her child suffers pain, so will the Church for a short time.

So, let us be strong in our faith and strengthen each other. The maximum they can hurt is our bodies, but our fight is against their spirits.

30th August 2008

1:05am: Go Sarah, Go Sarah!
Sarah Palin is an anti-baby killing, anti-"global warming is real", pro-American, pro-capitalist, pro-Christian, REAL AMERICAN WOMAN that is the absolute BEST pick for McCain and his semi-moderate views. Women or none, she is a great conservative and real patriot, and I am actually excited about this election again!

4th July 2008

2:40am: What we (my company) did for July 4th

Troops in Iraq E-Mail Loved Ones for Free on the 4th of July

Single Digits and Arkel International Serve Up Free Broadband Access From CamoCafé

MANCHESTER, NH--(Marketwire - July 3, 2008) - As a gesture to honor troops in Iraq for protecting the liberties of individuals around the globe, U.S.-based Single Digits and Arkel International will offer free Internet communications on July 4th, via Arkel's CamoCafés located at U.S. military bases in Iraq. The Internet cafés provide more than 80 desktop PCs and unlimited wireless laptop connectivity to more than 15,000 U.S. troops.

Steve Hartsuff, VP and General Manager of International Operations for Arkel International, initiated the Internet café idea as a form of "entertainment" for the troops during their off-duty hours. For a low hourly or monthly fee, service members may use the café's PCs or utilize their personal laptops to access broadband services such as e-mails, sending photos, Internet surfing, etc.

To honor the troops who carry on the tradition of protecting the United States' independence, all broadband access fees at the cafés will be waived on July 4th. Hartsuff underscores Arkel's decision, "More than ever, today's troops remain the backbone of liberty and carry on the proud tradition of freedom set forth by our forefathers. We are honored to provide Internet connectivity to foster web-based communications between our troops and their loved ones half way around the world."

Single Digits, located in Manchester, NH, is providing the cafés with broadband networking equipment and 24/7 support. Via their turnkey software, troops experience utility-like, broadband connectivity regardless of access device. Bob Goldstein, Single Digits' Co-Founder and CEO, elaborates on the café and free Internet services on July 4th, "We are proud that our hotspot management and authentication solutions have been selected to facilitate web-based communications from U.S. troops in Iraq. It is our hope that this token of appreciation will entice every service person stationed near a café to take advantage of this free offering and reach out to loved ones -- around the world -- on July 4th."

Arkel underwrites the cost of each Internet café, billed at over half a million dollars per café, with no U.S. government funds used.

"We decided on Single Digits' solution to deliver the Internet access after reviewing a number of companies. We needed a company that could provide Internet access and managed services in a combat zone, offer broadband content management, online billing and reporting, and accounts processing capabilities," added Hartsuff. "Single Digits offered the best solutions with its next generation Business Access Portal hosted solution combined with 24/7 live technical service and support -- it enabled a quick and efficient rollout coupled with the unique responsiveness requirements we have in a combat zone deployment."

About Single Digits, Inc.

Single Digits, Inc. is the preeminent provider of business-class wireless hotspot management software and hosting solutions enabling full service, customized Wi-Fi access for businesses of all sizes. Single Digits' hotspot software enables companies to deliver their own brand of Wi-Fi service to their customers, meeting the growing demand for mobile, high-speed Internet access. Headquartered in Manchester, NH, Single Digits has operations in North America, the Middle East and Africa. For more information, please visit:

About Arkel International

Arkel International ( is a full service design, engineer, construct, own-operate, and maintenance company that provides key services needed to establish business in remote and hostile places offering 50 years of international experience. Arkel International manages lean and delivers strong employing a speed of process that allows the development and delivery of responses.


3rd June 2008

10:53pm: Whoa
I will be a father tomorrow morning at 7am.

That is all.

4th May 2008

1:56am: Bizzaro!
Weirdest thing happened today. I got CARDED at Wal-Mart for buying BLAZING SADDLES. Huh? Wal-mart joining this weird green/politically correct thing makes me nervous.

27th April 2008

3:18am: Reign Over Me
I just watched Reign Over Me...a story of a man who lost his family on 9/11, and never dealt with it. It was one of the two movies I have seen that deals with 9/11 (the first being Path to 9/11), and it's just a true-life story...I cried through most of it. Amazing film. Highly suggested.

19th March 2008

10:56pm: A Good Day!
What a crazy day!

About 11am this morning, my bosses called me into their office. My semi-annual review happened, which I did fairly well at, and I got a $4+/hr raise, got placed on salary, and my max commission raised by 3K/year. Nice!

Then at about 8pm, I got a call from my uncle. It turns out that by some weird Maine law I am inheriting 7K from my father's estate, and some OTHER weird Maine law lets the estate sell me his almost-new 2003 Toyota Matrix for HALF-price, and the price was already approved by the state to sell to me at 25% below Kelly blue-book value.

Whoa! Nice day! It's always refreshing to have a really great day, especially after such a cold and shitty winter!


14th January 2008

5:57pm: Oh,'s a girl!
It's a girl!

June 7th, we're expecting! :)
9:59am: Yowzers
I just paid $660 for 200 gallons of heating oil.

Tell me again, why are we NOT taking oil from Iraq?
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